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The N. Fox Difference is not one thing, but a number of things that combine together to create a wonderful watch & jewelry shopping experience for new and returning customers.

N. Fox Jewelry Store Saratoga NY

The N. Fox Difference

The first difference is the staff, beginning with the owners, Harvey and Cassie Fox. Harvey Fox has owned and operated N. Fox Jewelers at the same location in Downtown Saratoga Springs since 1977. Cassie Fox joined N. Fox Jewelers in 1981 and they have worked together over the past 40 years to always bring unique and appealing merchandise to their flagship store.

The second difference is product quality, selection, and knowledge. The staff at N. Fox Jewelers is always on the lookout for exciting new merchandise lines with which to entice their customers. They regularly attend jewelry trade shows where they develop personal relationships with the best jewelry designers in the world. The staff continues to educate themselves by taking all the professional courses that are available to them. They stay up-to-date with “what’s new” through the many fashion magazines and they even take suggestions from their customers, all part of an effort to provide the best quality and selection.

The third difference is our custom design service. Thanks to our very talented design staff, N. Fox Jewelers can create your dream piece of jewelry. Whether using your jewelry that has been inherited and just isn’t your style or redesigning a piece you don’t wear anymore, our designers will work with you to create a piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours.

The fourth difference is value. N. Fox Jewelers wants to make the purchase of legacy jewelry to be an enjoyable experience and they look to create a relationship with their customers. N. Fox Jewelers achieves this by always selling their products at a competitive price while continuing to maintain the high quality service that has been their hallmark for 70 years. N. Fox Jewelers is not just looking for the sale; they are looking for the relationship.

Finally, part of the N. Fox Jewelers Difference is the way they give back to their community. Throughout the years and generations, they have supported many local and national causes and they have received many community service awards. Involvement in their city represents their mission to be great community citizens.

N. Fox Jewelry Store Saratoga NY
N. Fox Jewelry Store Saratoga NY
N. Fox Jewelry Store Saratoga NY
N. Fox Jewelry Store Saratoga NY
N. Fox Jewelry Store Saratoga NY

Saratoga Springs

404 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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