Setting Types


A prong setting, typically featuring 4 or 6 prongs, stands as one of the most widely favored settings available. Versatile in its application, it accommodates various types of faceted stones with ease, offering both security and aesthetic appeal.


A tension ring is a unique design where the gemstone is securely held in place by pressure rather than traditional prongs, bezels, or other mountings. This innovative setting demands gemstones with a hardness level of 9 or higher to ensure a secure and durable hold.


Resembling the Channel setting, the Bar setting involves diamonds being placed between bars. They are initially nestled in grooves and then secured by metal overlapped using a hammering tool. As with the Tension setting, gemstones for this setting should have a hardness level of 9 or higher to ensure durability.


Another versatile setting suitable for various types of stones, the channel setting involves crafting a channel. This channel is then carefully carved with seats where the diamonds will rest. Once each diamond is nestled in its designated seat, they are secured in place by skillfully hammering the upper sides of the channel walls.

Shared Prong

In a shared prong setting, typically seen in wedding bands, two adjacent gemstones are held in place by metal prongs that they share, creating a sleek and elegant appearance.


A bezel setting encircles the gemstone with a metal rim, offering secure and protective hold. Known for durability, it's a popular choice for everyday wear, providing a modern and sleek look to engagement rings.


In a pave setting, small gemstones are closely set together with minimal visible metal, creating a surface paved with gems. It adds sparkle and texture to jewelry designs, offering a luxurious aesthetic.

Half Bezel

A half bezel setting partially surrounds the gemstone with a metal rim, offering both security and allowing light to enhance its brilliance. It combines modern style with practicality in jewelry design.

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